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Tabletop Vagabonds is a co-operative storytelling Dungeons and Dragons 5E podcast that follows four unlikely heroes in the homebrew world of Aria. 

An improvised story that uses the randomness of dice as five friends have fun attempting to save a fictional world together.

The cast of the podcast are, Dungeon Master Alex Wright and the players David Hughes, Amy Garrod, Craig Millward and Alex Farr. In this world of weirdness and strife, they get together once a week to escape into the far more sane world of Aria.

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Dungeon Master

Creator of the world of Aria, and all creatures and characters in it. From your favourite npc's to your least, he's to blame.

Alex Wright

Forever having to think on his feet with The Gang's antics, and apologise for his crits. Alex enjoys a variety of ttprgs and often DM's D&D and GURPS for his friends.

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Malinda Wrenchnozzle

Sky Gnome and master of Manifestations! Malinda spent her youth with a book and quill, rather than grease and spanner like the rest of her 9 or 10 siblings (she is not sure exactly how many there are). Excelling in academic studies of Manifestations, Malinda was sent to the prestigious Llyrana’s Colleges of Essence and The Material in Igeleon.

Whilst studying in Minerva College she joined The Order of Gnosis, a fringe sect that studies mysteries and the more 'extreme' theories on Essence and its applications. One night, when she was wandering the restricted parts of Minerva College, Malinda came across an Orb that granted her great power.

Having finished her academic studies Malinda struggled to relate to her family. Rather than returning home she chose to explore the continent of Aria and make her own way. One simple task driving her, the search of mysteries and report them back to The Order of Gnosis.

Amy Garrod

Most at home out on the rolling moors of Yorkshire, Amy’s usual class-of-choice is Druid. Like Mal, she loves curling up with a good book. Just don’t tell Mal about all her late library fees.


Bright eyed and childlike at heart, the young Larsa Finn grew up in Edel's Wood with his people. After his father passed away, his mother ended up re-marrying to a traveling Sky Gnome called ‘Steve’ and moved their family to the floating city of Galestar. Still to this day Finn only ever refers to him as his mother’s ‘friend’.

Home life was relatively normal aside from the fact that he seemed to be almost completely unmotivated to find a paying job, spending his days tinkering in his mum’s basement. Creating devices such as his Speak and Spell focus which channels essence to cast spells and weapons using essence and some old toys he found.

Finn’s predicament now, is that Steve (and his mother) in a bid to motivate Finn have told him he needs to start paying rent. Unhappy with this new situation, Finn has decided to take this as a chance to make ‘one big score’ and earn enough money in the Unity Day tournaments to pay off his rent for years. How hard could it be?

David Hughes

Resident video game enthusiast with the second most impressive beard in the gang. David enjoys rpg's whether they're digital, paper or anything in between.

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WhatsApp Image 2020-11-18 at

Voli Willowstar

Self-professed daisy addict, he is often seen munching on any daisy he can get his wooden hands on. A mischievous runt of a seedling. He is fun loving, confident and often over friendly with strangers.

Voil like all Volminae was born from The Mother Tree and assigned a role. He was to be a sentry, to stand still, quiet and guard The Grove. This did not sit well with Voli, he was bored and deeply disappointed by The Mother Tree’s seemingly blatant oversight of his abilities.

This lead Voli to do something no Volminae in their entire history has done before, he disobeyed his orders. Voli left his post rooted up next to The Mother Tree and began a tirade of yelling at her. This carried on for two days, until exasperated she gave in and reassigned him as a Seeker.

And so Voli set out on his quest to be the greatest Seeker The Grove has ever seen.

Craig Millward

Sure Voli is enthusiastic, but have you met Craig? Always guaranteed to be at the table early with a beaming smile and dice in hand!

Osric Springforge

Eccentric inventor and tinkerer Osric Springforge has spent his life trying to push the boundaries of Gnome Technology. 

Born into the noble family Glamtinkers, Osric's hair was dyed flame red as the tradition. However after being discovered experimenting with radical Essence-imbuing techniques he fled the great Gnome city of Tyr for a small village in the countryside. Changing his name to Springforge, he quickly developed a bit of a reputation as a hermit chuckling and talking to himself. The locals treated him warily, but over the years his eccentricity became something akin to that one odd grandpa - always living at the edges of society.


Now in his fourth century of life, Osric has developed a range of unique toys. Clockwork animals, displaying the rudiments of essence-imbued clockwork life. Feeling ready to display these oddities at the capital’s Unity Day, he packs his bags and heads to the city where a table at the fair awaits his eccentric wares.

Alex Farr


Often a DM for the gang and his friends, players like Alex for his ability to defy the odds and consistently roll low. As a player he likes playing support characters and tasks that don't require attack rolls!


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